Vlad Ixen

Undetermined Leader thrown into the frey


A nieve young leader with noble background with a family winery, just trying to find out what the future has instore for him.


Growing up in a rich rural area, the young boy had a few problems. His mother not allowing him to leave the house because of his horrible “birth defect” gaving him a great opertunity to gather books and much nowlege through reading on other types of people and war stratiges. Only having the companionship of his father they would practice sword techqunicks, and educated conversations with proper educate. Only reading books that a close family friend had just made. He read the book to find out that other people had birth defects like this, how he was not the only one. He hides him self together thinking of how his mother could have done this to his father. When he gets ready for bed that night he discovers his father with someone else. Realizing that it is a man, he is then discusted with his father and whole life. Taking the set of scale armor that once hung on the wall with the sword and shield in his hands, cloak over his head he left his once treasured mannor. Needing to find refuge he was still puzzled on who his real father was and why they lied to him. Running to the nearest town he kept a low profile, he finds a nice little inn. At the barr he see’s a man in full plate armor. Ixen takes a seat next to the man. The scruffy man takes a look at Ixen, “well looks like you are goin some where”. Ixen just replied, “no where in particular”. They struck up a conversation and after that he got a job lined up to go after a wizard. He needed the experiance, and the pay would be worth it. Ixen finds himself with a group that he is not the most comfortable with but will have to make do.

Vlad Ixen

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