Tales of Syrdaya: Shards of the Ascended

The Second Level

Up we go...

As our heroes ascend the Wizard’s Tower, they are met with a few challenging obstacles. A chance encounter with a few morphing dopplegangers tried to get the jump on the party, but quick thinking allowed the group to persevere. A 20 foot pit with a unwelcoming host at the bottom almost meant death for Erdan the Avenger, but a prayer to his god was answered in the form of a massive falling orc-shaped object onto the Deathjump Spider giving just enough assistance to defeat the foe. Our heroes were presented then with a puzzle – after defeating a rather brutish suit of animated armor – to which they solved after a few tries. The next level awaits our six brave heroes, but what it holds is all but a mystery.

After the fighting a number of items were found among the bodies of fallen monsters. The items and their assigned player are as follows.

  • Amkissra – Nothing
  • Rook – One Level 2 Magic Item
  • Erdan – One Level 3 Magic Item
  • Thodragon – One Level 4 Magic Item
  • Ogrim – One Level 5 Magic Item
  • Ixen – One Level 6 Magic Item

Note: Everyone except for Amkissra must choose an item equivalent to their assigned level. This can be any type of body slot item/armor or any kind of weapon. It must be an item specific to the assigned level and it cannot be a wondrous item, artifact, intelligent item, mount, barding, or other item. Once you have chosen your item please message me what it is and I will mark it.



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