Tales of Syrdaya: Shards of the Ascended

The Fourth Session

The plot unfolds...

DM’s Note: I just wanted to say last session went very smoothly for our first hardcore RP session. Everybody participated beautifully, and a lot was accomplished during the session despite a few setbacks and arguments. Keep up the good work and look forward to next week!

Our heroes, having arrived in Syrdaya only a day ago, had begun to unravel the mystery of why exactly they had come here in the first place. Resting at a dilapidated inn, the crew took a bit of a breather and scoped their surroundings. They abruptly got acquainted with the city guards, however, which took to the streets. When things looked their worst, two unlikely heroes stepped in and stopped the fight. The group’s saviors introduced themselves as Corus and Arkon Shaaisof, former Magehunters of the Guild of Arcane Studies. Ixen, Erdan, and Rook talked with the Magehunters while Thodragon and Ogrim mingled elsewhere.

After the group’s talk with the Magehunter brothers, Erdan set out into the city in search of himself in a way. In this new realm, the divine powers of his God did not take effect. He inquired at a local temple about this land’s religion of the Elven God, Daramasias. Daramasias spoke to Erdan, and as the elf pledged himself to this land’s Elven God, Daramasias pledged himself to Erdan. With his new found divinity, Erdan was ready to tackle any who opposed him with the holy power of Daramasias.

Meanwhile, Ixen, confounded with an identity crisis, set out towards the Guild of Arcane Studies to inquire about the land and its inhabitants. He found two books of merit: one pertaining to the geography and culture of Rodinia and another that included detailed bestiary information about the continent. Ixen read both books for most of the night, ingesting loads of information. During his studies he found out about Rodinia’s ancient dragon races that disappeared around the time of the formation of the continent. A great cataclysm separated the continent of Rodinia in two. The eastern half contained the sentient humanoid races which later formed civilizations and empires while the western half held dragon races, sentient in their own language. Scholars dubbed the lost continent as “The Dragonlands.” Although it is proven that Rodinia split in two, the western half of the continent has never been found by any explorers.

As the two returned to the inn, Ixen (or Erdan, I can’t remember which) was confronted by an elf asking about two mages. Ixen (or Erdan) played dumb, saying he had no idea who he was talking about. The elf’s actions sent up a red flag, sending Ixen and Erdan into action. Ixen went to converse more with the elf who was seated at a table with a dwarf that had been consuming massive amounts of alcohol. Meanwhile, Erdan discretely led the Magehunters out of the tavern to a more secure area. Corus and Arkon expressed their gratitude, but Erdan wanted more information about their presence in the city. The two complied with him and led him through an underground complex to some kind of a magical facility. It was there that Erdan learned the truth about the two former Magehunters.

They stated to him that three years ago they were tasked by the Federal Council of Syrdaya to kill Kendu Maskai, the Archmage of the Guild of Arcane Studies. Although it was an order under protest they carried it out. Their mission was a success, and as a result they became hunted and hated wherever they went. The popularity of Archmage Maskai was astronomical throughout the continent. The man was a symbol of hope and perseverance for all, and the brothers snuffed it out with a whim of the City Government. It was learned later that a corrupt city official named Trevalo Balachi originally issued the order. At the time, he was trying to seize power in Syrdaya through manipulation of the common people and aggressive bureaucratic behaviors. He succeeded in forcing Maskai to flee the city, and upon his return he killed Mezonas Elsringaar, the Guildmaster of the Guild of Arcane Studies. Shortly after Elsringaar’s death, Corus and Arkon tracked Maskai down and eventually killed him. The two brothers then stated to Erdan that they believed the Archmage did not die, per se, but ascended to a higher plane of existence. It was never their intention to assassinate the Archmage. If they could prove this – that he was still alive – to the people, they would clear their names.

Corus and Arkon told Erdan that, in order to prove that Maskai was still alive, he and his companions would need to travel around Rodinia searching for beings of extraordinary powers. These beings are aptly named the Ascended. Inside their bodies lay a powerful source of Arcane energy. If our heroes could harness enough energy inside of the Ascended, they could open a portal to the Ascended’s Plane which therefore could hold the chance of contacting the Archmage directly. As an adverse effect, this portal could also very well be the group’s ticket home. Erdan was given a special stone that could transport he and his group to that facility anytime they needed. Corus and Arkon promised supplies and whatever aid they needed, as well as a teleportation service anywhere within the boundaries of Syrdaya or further if the group desired so. Erdan returned to the inn, told his story to everyone, and rested until morning.

When daylight struck, the group headed to see the current Archmage, Aliya Kathaanil. She would be the key person to convince that Archmage Maskai was still alive, as Corus and Arkon described to Erdan. If she knew, she could spread the word faster than anyone else. The group bluntly told their story to Aliya, and she graciously offered assistance. She told our heroes that the wizard that originally transported them to this dimension was somewhere in the Kingdom of Hyrule to the East. Aliya organized a sky atronach to fly them to the town of Lonaron. After a brief and unsettling journey, the group found out that Lonaron had been attacked by some kind of fiend. Access into the town has been restricted. With Erdan leading, our heroes set off east towards some ruins that were believed to be the source of the attack. Was this the work of the wizard? Or was this something entirely different? Only time will tell.

Session Wrap Up


Erdan: Awarded a permanent +5 to Religion checks. Awarded 300 experience points.
Ixen: Awarded a permanent +5 to Nature checks and Streetwise checks. Awarded 300 experience points.
Rook: Awarded 300 experience points.
Ogrim: Awarded 300 experience points.
Thodragon: Awarded 300 experience points.
Balthorn: Awarded a permanent +1 bonus to attribute Wisdom. Awarded 300 experience points.

DM’s Note: I believe I have covered mostly everything. If something happened in session to your character that I did not cover on here please let me know and I’ll correct it.



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