Tales of Syrdaya: Shards of the Ascended

A Whole New World

An adventure awaits...

DM’s Note: Hey, just wanted to tell everyone what a great session that was. We got 2 levels done in one session, despite the fact that it was just 3 different encounters. You all moved efficiently and quickly, making easy work of two very hard bosses. Now that the prologue is out of the way, you all will make your own decisions. We’ll see what everyone is made up of RP-wise.

Our heroes proceeded to level three of the wizard’s tower and found themselves facing a wall of minions. Ogrim found some common ground with a few of them, seeing as they were orcs, but as the minions fell, a new enemy rose to challenge them. Gnara Darksbane, a Gnoll Warlock, unleashed a world of pain for the group, but they eventually brought down the monstrous witch. After a short interrogation, Gnara used the last of her power to escape the party’s grasp. On to the fourth level they went.

The fourth level beheld a unique design layout for the wizard’s lair. Eight pillars rounded the room, with six minions guarding the wizard at the center. The battle was on shortly after. The group learned quickly to stay away from the pillars that attacked anyone within range, and was smart enough to keep the wizard confined with the center so she couldn’t move. Despite some heavy damage dealt, the group failed to bring down the wizard. As a mortal blow was dealt to Erdan, but before the wizard could finish him off the realm around them began to collapse. The group was whisked off to another world with their wizard nowhere in sight.

After a slight moment of disorientation, the party spotted a human farmer pulling a cart. He was overcome with shock upon seeing both Ixen and Ogrim. There was no communication barrier to overcome, and the group was able to find out that they were in Syrdaya, a nation on the continent of Rodinia. The group also got a map, and made their way to the the city of Syrday. There they found an inn to get their bearings as well as a rather eccentric innkeeper who was apparently overjoyed at the sight of customers. He was so overjoyed that he fell unconscious after seeing Rook’s new “personal items.” While hauling him back downstairs, Ogrim and Erdan ran into two customers wearing mage robes calling themselves Corus and Arkon. They were overheard talking to themselves, saying things like they needed to be somewhere where they wouldn’t be recognized. Knowledge would dictate that they are avoiding being seen, but for what purpose exactly is a mystery.

What awaits the group in this new world?

Items are as follows:

Thodragon: One level 3 item (or below), and one level 8 item (or below)
Erdan: One level 4 item (or below), and one level 7 item (or below)
Ogrim: One level 5 item (or below), and one level 6 item (or below)
Rook: One level 6 item (or below), and one level 5 item (or below)
Ixen: One level 7 item (or below), and one level 4 item, or below)

Every character is entitled to 960 Gold.

Also, after tallying up the 21 minions killed plus Gnara Darksbane, everybody should mark their experience at 5,374 experience points. This is the base that you all will start with after the first dungeon.



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